My approach is practical and goal-oriented. I often use techniques and skills from solution-focused counselling or insights and exercises from positive psychology; scientifically sound and geared towards increasing your strengths and resilience.


If necessary, we can also work on a deeper level to examine your ways of thinking or uncover underlying patterns that may have been useful once but no longer serve you.


Every session, you will get tools for taking practical steps towards your goal.

When I work with families, I mostly work with parents. I believe that you are the most important people in the life of your child(ren) and the more I can help you guide them, the more effective and lasting any changes will be.

Of course I am happy to also work with your child(ren) - especially if they are teenagers, a conversation or two with a coach can be very helpful- but if possible I'd rather help you have these conversations with your kid(s). It will make you stronger as a family and gives you practice in dealing with similar questions in the future.