About me

I am passionate about making your time abroad a great experience for you and your loved ones.


Having worked as a psychologist for a decade, I have guided and supported clients in education,  (mental) health and private practice. I have worked with teachers, parents, children, adults, employees and managers. For me, the driving force was always the  belief that things can be better, happier and more fulfilling. The same applies in coaching.

I love supporting you to become a better You.

Better in your own eyes, that is.


Currently I live in France with my family. I grew up in the Netherlands and left to travel in my early twenties. I never really got rid of my itchy feet and after traveling in many countries, mainly in Asia, I lived in New Zealand for 7 years. After living in the Netherlands again for a while, we upped and left to settle in rural France (for now...)

I am personally familiar with what it means to emigrate, remigrate and raise children in a multi-cultural family. If you are an expat, consider emigrating or have recently moved countries, coaching can be a very valuable support  during this process. Of course, I am also very happy to work with you on any other topic that involves making a positive change.

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